We’re firm believers that adventure travel opens the door to something powerful. Something more than great photo ops and physical challenge. But it’s so often the unexpected element, the hard-to-pin-down moment, the impossible to plan for scenario in every trip that becomes the opportunity to really connect with a place.


So when we met award-winning adventure filmmaker, Leon McCarron, we got very excited. Leon, and teammate Tom Allen have set themselves the challenge of showing the world just what that moment can look like. They have two incredible films, ready to go into post-production, which unearth stories that need to be heard – one of life in the remotest parts of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the other of the uncertain future facing Patagonia’s last free-flowing glacial river.




Now you have the opportunity to be part of this inspiring initiative, by helping to bring these feature length films to the mass-market. Leon and Tom have setup a Kickstarter campaign that has just one week left to complete, and with your support, will allow them to turn 50 hours of raw footage into something that could change the way we see our place in the world.


Each film goes beyond the journey itself to uncover unique and compelling stories of the places they visited, and the people they met. These stories are sharply poignant, and will make you rethink what you know about parts of the world you only get to hear about through Western media.


Source to Sea Along Iran’s Longest River

Last Spring, Leon and Tom set out to explore a part of the world we hear so much about second-hand. By following Iran’s longest river, the Karun, from source to sea, they hoped to experience a broad slice of the country’s culture and geography. What they discovered was a warm, friendly people who welcomed them into their homes, not at all like the image that has led to growing bigotry and hatred towards this part of the world that we’ve witnessed in the past decade. This is the story they need to tell. This misunderstood, beautiful landscape is home to a rich culture and diverse people, facing their own set of unique challenges. But it is not a place of hate as so many would have us believe.


Following Darwin Along Santa Cruz

Shortly after their adventures in Iran, they set out on a second river-based journey, which would see them attempt to follow in Darwin’s footsteps on his failed expedition along the Santa Cruz in Southern Patagonia. Knowing that the river was in imminent danger from planned mega-dams, this challenge was set to be a race against time. However, even they could not have predicted the political complexities governing the much fought over land. The story quickly descended into one about corruption, money and power – and of the natural wonders stood to be lost as a result.

Because of the nature of these stories, time is of the essence. They are powerful because they are relevant today, but the wider impact they could have on the next generation of adventure travelers is even more far reaching.


Show your support by heading over to their Kickstarter page and pledge what you can to help these inspiring individuals show the world, and the people who will take care of it in years to come, just what adventure travel in its purest form can teach us. In return Leon and Tom are offering an array of rewards for contributors, from simply pre-ordering a copy of the DVD, to purchasing a ticket to the premiere or booking a motivational talk for your organisation.


They are also looking for two larger investors in the form of executive producers – one for each film. These positions involve a larger creative and financial investment, and allow the individuals to have a real say in the end products.


Head over there now, and discover how you can become part of this incredible story.

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