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Having always been bewitched by wildlife, Catherine studied ecology and zoology at Imperial College London where she was fascinated by the theories but yearned to see these exotic creatures in their environment. Her first wildlife expedition was to study bats in Honduras.

‘I slept in a hammock and waved goodbye to all the ‘necessities’ that I’d become accustomed to living in London. I learnt to live a very simple life in that cloud forest. It was here that I experienced my first moment of pure awe – sitting on a smooth rock in the centre of a clear stream with the midnight forest singing around me. Fireflies and bats were dancing over my head and the sheer happiness that I felt moved me to tears. That moment changed my life forever and I became fiercely protective of that forest. I became an eco-warrior.’

Catherine’s life since university has seen her working in wildlife filmmaking and sustainability communication. Throughout this journey, she has kept the sense of purpose that overcame her in Central America. At every opportunity, she has travelled to a new corner of this planet to see the wildlife and how the people interact with the environment around them.

‘I’ve been lucky enough to visit places so beautiful that no photograph can truly capture them, and along the way, I’ve tried to encourage my family and friends to join me.’ 

Catherine’s mission for 2015 is to use her passion, connections and time to inspire others to choose wildlife destinations for their holidays. She aims to write about and photograph 12 wildlife hotspots in the 12 months of this year.

‘I hope that by doing this, other awe-seekers and eco- warriors will awaken and unite to live more consciously with our planet.’

‘The hard earned cash that you spend on your wildlife holiday makes those animals worth more alive than dead. At its best, ecotourism provides employment for local people and puts a real value on areas of outstanding natural beauty.’ 

Catherine’s Vacation Inspiration website, CatherineCapon.com, will launch in June 2015 where you’ll be able to read about and then recreate her adventures. She’s already gained fantastic support from her former chairman, Sam Branson, and the presenter of her Discovery series, Steve Backshall. 

You can get inspired to go on a wildlife holiday with Catherine Capon's wildlife holiday collection. Click here.

AGE: 30

BORN: London, UK

LIVES: London, England


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