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Sonal Kadchha

A volunteering trip to help schoolgirls in the Masai Mara took me on a journey to build the very first secondary school in the region. The school will give at least 1000 girls a future free from rape, forced marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM). We are fundraising for the next phase of the school's development. The good news ... its working!!! 

The girls in the Mara have it bad– not only are they faced with child labour and forced marriage, but the prospect of FGM around the age of 12. For them, education and employment is the only way to escape poverty and entrapment; and that has been made all the more difficultgiven the New Constitution in Kenya that states all people in formal employment now require a secondary school certificate. The drivers behind this may be commendable; however, when there are no secondary schools in the region, there is no easy way to obtain these certificates. Help us raise vital funds for the continuation of building the school in Masai and giving the girls a life of hope and opportunity. 

You can find out more about my journey into setting up this project under my charity ETC. Click here.

Visit my charity ETC. Click here.


Educating the Children of the Maasai

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