Stephen Partridge






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 “Most people live in a comfort zone; in the desert that is stripped away. Those who choose to go on adventures are not afraid to look at themselves closely.” 

City entrepreneur and elite runner Steve Partridge has run more than 150 miles across the Sahara under a pummelling African sun with the aim of raising £1 million for west London charity Small Steps School for Children that supports kids with cerebral palsy or sensory or motor impairment. If only mad dogs and Englishmen venture into the midday sun then Steve Partridge could be considered certifiably insane, running more than 150 miles across the Sahara under a blazing African sun to raise money for charity. In fact, this superman has found a new clarity by pitting himself against the planet’s harshest environments…

Extreme marathon runner Steve Partridge has outrun death. 

Taking part in a non-stop 150 mile race in the Mauritanian Sahara Desert, the City entrepreneur woke to find he had been accidently left behind in the vast plains of the ‘empty-quarter’. Alone, with just one bottle of water, no map or GPS and 30km of baking hot sand between him and the next checkpoint, Steve had to rely on his nerve and keen internal compass to pick his way through moving dune-scapes in pummelling heat and reach the next stage-point.


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