Community Teaching and Lion Conservation



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During the week you will be involved in community work:

- Enrich the lives of underprivileged youth in orphanages and care homes

- Encourage and mentor students in preparation and execution of school lessons

- Assist local teachers with marking exams, designing teaching aids, and assessing the progress of students

- Facilitate sports days, arts and crafts, games, storytelling, drama, singing and other extracurricular activities with the children

- Serve as a role model for disadvantaged children by offering much needed attention and support

- Immerse yourself in local Zimbabwean culture through direct engagement with the community and orphanages


Over the weekend you’ll be involved in lion work and park activities:

- Enjoy hands-on work and extremely close encounters with the young African lions

- Join African Impact on our ground-breaking and globally recognised Lion conservation project

- Making toys from natural materials for the young cubs as part of  behavioural enrichment to stimulate their predatory and sensory behaviours

- Walk alongside lions in the African bush and experience being part of a hunt as the young cubs learn to stalk their prey

- Get to know the African bush - explore the savannah grasslands either on horseback or whilst riding or walking alongside African Elephants!


You’ll also:

- Experience local Zimbabwean culture

- Enjoy excursions to see more of Zimbabwe’s natural wonders and wildlife areas such as the Victoria Falls, Lake Kariba, Matobo National Park, and the ruined city of Great Zimbabwe

- Make friends for life with the other international volunteers and interns!




During the past few difficult years in Zimbabwe, the most vulnerable members of our society have suffered from the breakdown of educational and medical infrastructures. Our aim is to make an impact on the lives of orphaned children, from babies to teenagers, who have no families to support them. Despite the difficulties they have faced, these children are still full of warmth and joy and are an inspiration to anyone who works alongside them.  We invite you to join us as we strive to be a part of restoring this amazing country!

As a volunteer on this project you will serve as a mentor and a friend to orphaned youth.  The need is so great which allows the opportunity for volunteers to get involved in a variety of ways depending on your experience and passion.  Volunteer activities can range from working as a teaching assistant, cooking and serving food to street children, sports development, gardening, and efforts at community upliftment through maintenance and refurbishment.  This is a chance to make a difference in someone’s life as well as the chance to realize the reality of living in a third-world country with different cultural norms.

Orphan Care

During your time at the Orphanage homes you will be involved with assisting in the basic care of babies and younger children.  This will include duties such as changing and feeding the children.  Additionally you will have the opportunity to facilitate fun activities and games to engage with and stimulate the kids.  You will also be involved in helping at a Drop-In Centre whereby street children are fed on a daily basis. These children rely on volunteer support and thrive on spending time with people who show them that they care.

Teaching Assistance

With approximately 2184 students at Mkoba 4 Primary School, there are about 312 students per grade and an average class size of 55 students with one teacher.  Classes are hot seated due to the lack of classrooms and grossly inadequate resources such as text books and teaching aids.  

Volunteers offer vital support to the overburdened teachers as well as essential academic assistance to the students.  Your engagement with the students will formulate part of the learning process and impart necessary life-skills most of these students are deprived of.  This is a hands-on opportunity for volunteers to become an integrated part of the teaching and learning process in Zimbabwe.

Upholding the Community

The maintenance and upkeep of the orphanage are a major challenge due to the lack of funding and manpower. As a volunteer on this project you will help tackle this obstacle by playing a fundamental role in preserving the facilities used to house the orphans.  Tasks will vary depending on the current need but jobs could include things such as tending to the vegetable gardens, cleaning, painting, or general repairs.



Over the past 40 years, the African lion population has decreased by an astonishing 80 – 90% with an estimated number of lions in Africa to be as low as 32,000.  Lion populations have continued to decline, with up to 18 sub-populations believed to have existed in 2002 having now been confirmed as extinct.

This volunteer project forms part of the ground breaking ALERT Lion Rehabilitation Program, which was launched by African Impact at Antelope Park in 2004.  African Impact has partnered with The African Lion & Environmental Research Trust (ALERT –, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the African Lion.  In an attempt to offset the rapid decline of lion populations, we have instigated a 3-stage lion rehabilitation program that aims to release cubs of captive bred lions into appropriate national parks and reserves across Africa as wild-born offspring. ALERT works with communities and policy makers, with conservation managers, researchers and business leaders, to propose locally conceived and relevant solutions that create sustainable motivation to conserve lions amongst these stakeholder groups.  ALERT also works with communities to meet the challenges of living alongside a dangerous predator, whilst conducting research to improve our understanding of the lion’s behaviour in Africa’s ecosystems to better inform decision making.

The release program has so far successfully released two prides into fenced-wild areas, and these prides are having wild-born cubs of their own.  The two prides are located at Antelope Park in Zimbabwe and in Livingstone, Zambia.

There are a variety of activities with regards to the Lion Project including; walk lions in the wild to familiarize them with their natural environment, cub sits, provide water for the lions, make food for the elephants or horses, enclosure maintenance, behaviour enrichment for the lions, enclosure cleaning, boundary patrols, meat preparation, snare sweeping and bush walks. As well as more leisurely activities including game drives, boat cruises and elephant rides.


On arrival at Antelope Park you will receive a comprehensive orientation including:

- Meet and greet with your Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer Manager, and all senior project staff

- Introduction to Antelope Park and surrounding area

All transfers to and from Bulawayo or Harare International Airports upon your arrival and departure- Overview of the Antelope Park Lion Rehabilitation Project (for weekends), a Community Induction (for your week days) as well as a Cultural Induction on life in Zimbabwe. All this will include information that will assist you with the work you will do while on your placement

Adventure includes:

  • Project Fee: this entails financing that goes directly back into the project that you are involved with
  • All transfers to and from Bulawayo or Harare International Airports upon your arrival and departure
  • Full board and lodging which includes 3 meals a day
  • Comprehensive Orientation and 24- hour assistance while on your project
  • All daily transfers to and from your placement sites
  • Weekly laundry service during your stay
  • The service of a cleaner to attend to your room each day

Doesn't include

  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Personal travel insurance for the duration of your placement – must include cover for repatriation
  • All items of a personal nature, such as curios, gifts, clothing (work and other)
  • Any activities and excursions outside of your planned itinerary
  • Soft drinks and other food items not included in your meals


You will be staying at the Antelope Park Game Reserve – a few kilometres away from the city of Gweru – and home to the African Impact Lion Rehabilitation Project!  

Volunteer accommodations are a mixture of comfortable twin or quad thatched roof rooms at the main reserve camp with clean shower and toilet facilities located adjacent to the sleeping area

Other facilities include a stunning swimming pool and internet access (access can be sporadic due to our remote location).  Your room will be cleaned daily by the housekeeping staff and you will have weekly laundry services provided.  All your meals, unless you happen to take a packed breakfast into the park on a long lion walk, will be served at the main campand are guaranteed to leave you feeling nourished and happy!Volunteers also have the opportunity to the river, canoes, sun-downer deck and bar/coffee shop.  

Please note that accommodation upgrades are available to those who wish to have a more ‘exclusive’ volunteer experience – these include cottages and riverside tents.



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