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Physical Education (P.E.) within schools

As a volunteer, you will spend the majority of your mornings based in various community schools inspiring children to play sports through structured P.E lessons. P.E. is featured in the national curriculum and volunteers will prepare lessons using text books supplied, educating students both in a theoretical and practical sense on topics which will appear in their examinations. P.E. is unfamiliar to most community schools and attitudes still need changing towards its importance; however the children absolutely love it and thoroughly enjoy their time with the volunteers.

The local children have limited time to enjoy the benefits of sports as not much attention is focused towards the P.E. syllabus, however, P.E. and sports are important to the holistic well-being of the students, thus, we believe in the importance and benefit of these sessions. The majority of PE sessions will be planned and prepared by volunteers with assistance from a volunteer co-ordinator, with the session taking a particular focus on an aspect of sport and exercise such as the importance of nutrition, teamwork or leadership. Furthermore, you are also free to use your creative side for PE sessions such as making medals for a passionate tournament day or even a week dedicated to the Olympics! 

Training Teams

We works alongside various community partners in Livingstone, co-operating with their sports coaches. We believe sport should be accessible to all individuals, regardless of age of ability. Even those who do not attend school or will never play on a team should be able to participate. Therefore our volunteers provide energetic varied sports sessions as an opportunity for escape, fun and skill development in a structured manner while providing the children the foundations of friendship and a sense of teamwork. We have partnered with the Tag Rugby Trust in Livingstone providing open training sessions in the afternoons for all children in the area regardless of school, age, gender or ability. 

The partnership also provides local young adults the chance to gain valuable coaching skills from volunteers to assist in their qualifications. We have strong links with both rugby and football teams in the area with enthusiastic children coming from a far to develop their skills during sessions, in addition, they are also keen to learn and play all different sports with volunteers!

Specialist Sports

Your schedule is set for you by your Project Manager; however, if you have any particular interests or skills you would like to use, we would love to try and accommodate them! The children at the schools are always keen to learn new activities –particularly if they come from overseas!! We can set up a class for you to teach netball, athletics, cricket, or whatever your interest is. Equipment is very difficult to come by so please keep that in mind, if you are able to acquire donated sporting equipment, the community will greatly appreciate it. 

Holiday Clubs

During school vacation time volunteers run “holiday clubs.” Holiday club is extremely important as it offers students valuable time to catch up on learning missed due to the Zambian “Hot Seating” system. Not only does it give young people a safe environment to spend their summer holidays, it is also a lot of fun whilst providing an effective educational tool. Teaching volunteers work closely with sports volunteers to teach lessons for the first half of the morning and then engage the students in recreational activities and teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle. For self-starters, this project is a fantastic way to direct instruction for a few weeks and leave your mark on the students.


16 January - 13 April
15 May - 11 August
11 September – 08 December 


Volunteers will spend their afternoons helping the local community through various afternoon projects. You will rotate between the following community projects:

Building and Construction Projects

Many schools in the Livingstone area have limited classrooms available, and as a result most children do not receive the full day of class that they need. With guidance from professional builders and members of the community, we work on numerous building projects within schools and the community. Hard but rewarding work, volunteers will help with mixing cement, making and laying bricks, laying concrete floors, plastering walls, and painting, or refurbishing existing classrooms. (Please note: building projects are not always part of the schedule.) 


im to help communities set up sustainable farming programs, and provide assistance in preparing the land and maintaining the crops. We have assisted three farms in the acquisition of land, tools and seeds. Volunteers assist by helping to prepare the land, planting, watering, weeding and harvesting. Our staff and volunteers worked hand in hand with Linda Farm for the disabled to build a plastic bottle greenhouse for additional income generation, with plans for many more exciting projects at the farm including an Eco brick poultry house.

Reading Club

Volunteers assist in running afterschool reading clubs to support the development of literacy and reading skills among Livingstone’s youth. As a volunteer, you will help give the students the extra support that they need, including teaching them the alphabet, phonics, spelling, pronunciation and general reading and comprehension skills. Competency in English is imperative to Zambian children’s education, as it allows them to understand all other academic subjects, which are tested in English.

Art Club

During this afternoon session you have a chance to nurture the students’ creativity. You will plan out art clubs using suggested themes and creative ideas. Some great lesson plans include Christmas/Easter crafts, masks, finger painting, and paper maché. Arts Clubs are important for students’ development as many of the schools lack the time or resources to incorporate arts into the school day.

Adult Literacy Club

In conjunction with the Ministry of Education, volunteers work with adults in the community to help improve their literacy rate and subsequently their chances of employment. There is a structured syllabus with beginner / intermediate / advanced classes, in addition to lesson plans and tests. A certificate is issued to students upon successful completion of the course. The aim is to improve understanding of written and oral English as well as valuable everyday skills. These skills make people more employable in a country where the employment rate is around 50%.

Maramba Old People's Home

Elderly homes are not common in Zambia or Africa in general, because elders in a community typically stay with and are cared for by their family. People arrive at MOPH, from far and wide, destitute and without anyone to look after them. Volunteers engage the residents in games, reading, physical activities, etc. The project is a great way to provide stimulation and improve the living conditions for the residents. 

Afterschool Clubs

Many children living in these communities are forced to grow up really quickly. They are expected to take on the household chores and at times older siblings are obliged to look after their younger siblings. Volunteers run structured playtimes with children at pre-selected locations, taking along balls, jump ropes, colouring books and crayons. This time allows children an opportunity just to be children; to play games, be carefree and expend some of their boundless energy. 

Adventure includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Three meals per day Monday - Friday
  • Project fee – It facilitates funding for items such as project supplies and activity resources. It also covers operational costs such as housing, communication, and project vehicles
  • All airport transfers from Livingstone International Airport upon your arrival and departure (Monday’s Only)
  • All daily transfers to and from your projects during your stay
  • Comprehensive Orientation and induction Program
  • 24 hour assistance and support from staff and Project Managers throughout your placement

Doesn't include

  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Personal travel insurance for the duration of your placement (MUST include cover for repatriation)
  • All activities/items outside the planned itinerary
  • Soft drinks, wines, spirits, between meal snacks, and weekend food
  • Laundry


Livingstone volunteers reside in a comfortable and secure Volunteer House within The Livingstone Backpackers, a 5-minute walk away from Livingstone town centre. The Livingstone Backpackers features a dining area, bar, swimming pool, and even a rock-climbing wall, which is available to our volunteers! The Volunteer House accommodates volunteers from all of our Community Development projects. The house is mixed gender, but males and females will be sleeping in separate rooms.

The house has 24 hour security and lockers to store your valuables. Your meals are cooked at the accommodation and you will have the support of our project managers on site.
Bedrooms sleep 4-8 people, with bunk beds in each room. Bed linen is provided (please bring your own towel!) and your room will be cleaned regularly. The house is positioned within close walking distance to town where you will find a wide range of amenities.

You will be provided with three meals a day, Monday - Friday. Breakfast is either a daily hot breakfast option or help-yourself basis and consists of cereals, toast, tea and coffee. Lunch and dinner will be cooked for you by the chef at your volunteer house.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to cater your own meals on weekends. Weekends are usually good times for tourist activities and exploring the surrounding area, so it’s a great opportunity to try out some of the local cuisine and nearby restaurants. 



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