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HumanAid is fundraising for displaced people from Myanmar and into neighbouring Asian countries. Malaysia is a major destination for refugees seeking refuge from violent conflict.

As of February 2016, according to UNHCR records a total of 158,510 officially registered refugees are currently residing in Malaysia. The largest population, total 144,380, refugees however are from Myanmar, of which 53,700 alone are Rohingya (a persecuted minority in Myanmar).

As Malaysia is not a signatory to the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees and its 1967 Protocol, the Malaysian Government does not officially recognize asylum seekers seeking refugee status. The Malaysia government allows UNHCR to issue refugee identify cards and refugees to reside in Malaysia on the basis of humanitarian grounds. However, these refugees have no legal status nor rights, vulnerable and at risk of detention.  They have no legal right to earn a livelihood, attend government schools nor receive full health benefits. Although officially registered refugees with UNHCR are provided access to health facilities at half of the foreigner price, refugees without official registration are required to pay the full foreigner price for medical services, which is unaffordable. Majority of refugees come from low-income families and have no source of income. Furthermore, there is a high risk non-registered refugees will be reported to immigration staff by health facility staff. Thereby, given this excessive cost and risk, majority of refugees are unwilling to visit healthcare facilities – leaving adults and children vulnerable and at risk.

This is where we can help. HumanAid with its implementing partner on the ground, Mercy Malaysia aims to provide 600 Refugee children with necessary vaccinations to improve their immunization to deadly diseases. The vaccinations vary, with several dosages required for some and incubation period between dosages.  Vaccinations have the immediate benefit of individual immunity, provide long-term protection against diseases and develop community immunity. Thereby, vaccination of children protects the child, immediate family and surrounding community. During the vaccination clinics, information sessions about health will be conducted to increase the awareness of children. 

Target Impact  

1) Vaccination services for 600 refugee children below the age of 15 for: Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis (BCG), Diphtheria, Tetatnus and Pertussis (DTP), Measles, Mumps and Tubella (MMR), Polio (IPV).

2) Health education sessions for 600 parents

Global Goals:

Inspired Escapes has teamed up the UN Global Goals initiative to help end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and fix climate change.

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How to get involved

Malaysian Cycle Challenge

200km ride through Malaysia

Join Us on the 17th September as we ride 200km across Malaysia in support of Human Aid's projects to support Burmese refugees. Click here for details


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