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Creating Better Futures is a UK based Christian charity, run by volunteers in both the UK and Zimbabwe to promote education as a means to eradicate poverty. The charity works directly with local communities and schools in Zimbabwe to provide children with the support and sponsorship they so desperately need. The work of Creating Better Futures and their amazing volunteers means that the children and orphans in Zimbabwe may be empowered to fulfill their potential and better their communities’ chance to overcome poverty.  They enable children to go to school and enjoy proper, nutritious meals, allow access to basic medical care and benefit from community development projects. To get involved you can donate to the charity or follow your money you give and head to Zimbabwe to join their volunteer programme. 

Building Project - All the schools that the charity helps have old buildings that need repair. Some classrooms have broken windows, pot holes in the classroom floors, wooden doors and roof truces that have been weakened by termites. You can get involved by being a volunteer and head out to the projects to help with repairing classroom buildings.You could also help with laying foundations for new classroom buildings, plastering the walls, painting and decorating, depending on the needs of the school.The schools do not have halls in which to hold school assemblies indoors. They usually assemble under a tree or even in the open air. With your fundraising efforts, you could help with building school assembly points.The local community are very keen to make a contribution towards building projects. They usually mould and dry the bricks that are used for building projects.  

Feeding Program - The feeding program reaches out to 2,000 children at three primary schools in rural Zimbabwe; 300 children at Cheza, 750 at Mutake and 950 at Chitakatira. It is this feeding program that delivers vital nutrients in the form of porridge directly to these vulnerable children that would otherwise starve. Set up to fight childhood malnutrition, the feeding program was created after hearing that some children were fainting at school after coming in with no energy to concentrate. Parents and guardians help carry water to make the food available for the feeding program which is a combination of maize meal, wheat, soya beans, vegetable oil, sugar and salt. This may sound like a basic combination to you and I, however this helps to deliver the key nutrients these children need to concentrate at school and ensure they are able to fulfill their full potential. All volunteers who prepare food are taught to wash their hands, tie back their hair and wash the pots properly before they cook and the food is prepared outside. Your help at the feeding program directly impacts the lives of these children to improve their concentration, help fight malnutrition and keep them healthy and happy.   

Home visits - 90% of Zimbabwe’s orphans are cared for by their extended family, usually grandparents, who struggle to care for such young children. Your volunteering efforts and donations do not go unnoticed to these parents and guardians who are extremely grateful and would be honored to thank you personally in their homes. 

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