Educating the Children of the Maasai

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Educating the Children of the Maasai Projects

The children of the Masai Mara cherish their education. But with 100 pupils to every teacher at primary school level, they can’t extract from it as much as they would like, or indeed, deserve. And whilst the rest of Kenya gets the opportunity to build careers through secondary school qualifications (legally required to land a formal job), the Masai are trapped in the cycle of poverty because no secondary schools exist in the region. On top of this, the women of the Masai Mara face issues that further marginalise them from society; hard labour, childhood marriages and the horrific Female Genitalia Mutilation (FGM)

Empowerment is what the Masai children need. They are not a depressed community, but a joyous, cultured people that know education is the key to freedom. This particular education project run by charity ETC, believe the secondary school will be an incubator for change where girls learn foreign languages and microfinance. Boarding facilities will give them a safe haven from the issues that obstruct their chances of success and the qualifications they gain will procure a better future for the next generation.

As it lifts the community out of poverty, teachers can train there; entrepreneurs can exchange ideas and hopefully in 5 years it will become self-sustainable. The community are heavily involved in the project, building the school using local materials and currently fundraising for a science lab. This school will serve an area of 55km, and a population of more than 130,000, educating close to 1,000 girls.

Guns, bombs, brute force; they are all futile in a war against poverty, which is what these children are fighting. You’ve likely never had to fight for your right to education, but you can fight for theirs. You can give someone else the privilege of not knowing just how much of a privilege education really is. And in doing so, you will have joined a benevolent army, planting seeds to a brighter future for a community you will grow to know and love on a deep and personal level.

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