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Tanzania is the third poorest country in the world, and its education is the poorest in Africa. In a class of 200 students, there are only 3 textbooks for the whole class. Teachers do not want to teach at these schools for lack of infrastructure and remoteness. As a result there are youth who have spent 14 years in school who still can’t read or write. Last year 62% of the students who sat for a national exam got division zero.

 Most of these students are in government schools located in rural areas where the majority of Tanzanians live. As a result the majority of people in these areas are poor and illiterate. 65% of people above the age of 40 can't read or write, giving them no chance of securing a better future for themselves or their family. We plan to reinvent these rural schools and turn them into desirable and successful places.

Inspired Escapes Foundation is striving to improve the image and success rate of rural schools in Tanzania from the ground up. We plan to do this in various phases, starting in the Kilimanjaro region where our first port of call will be to build quality teachers accommodation, so as to attract better teachers, and just as importantly-to retain them. The second phase of the project will be to install solar panels on the schools for vital electricity and lighting, as well as charging capabilities for eBook readers. The third phase will be to supply each child with a "Learning Tool Kit" which will consist of one eBook reader per student and a solar lamp to use at home for doing homework after dark, as well as charging their eBook reader. These readers will hold all of their education materials in one easy to carry place.

Your funding is vital for our funding of essential supplies needed for the initial phases of this project. You will be making Tanzania a more attractive destination for volunteers and teachers, equipping these rural schools with the educators and education they need to carve out a brighter future for themselves. Give Tanzania's children the ability to solve their own social problems rather than relying on outside aid in the future. Give the gift of knowledge, the gift of long-term empowerment over short-term solutions. Give back to a country and a people who will give you so much more in return. With increased opportunity-who knows-you could be giving the gift of education to the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. 

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