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South Africa

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Khayelitsha is a township situated on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. It is the area with the highest HIV rates in the Western Cape, pre-natal health surveys reflect 33% HIV infection rates. (South African Medical Journal June 2006). Fikelela Children’s Centre was established in 2001 to care for abandoned and orphaned children of Khayelitsha and the surrounding areas (aged between 0-8).

We do not believe that children should be institutionalized on the long term basis. Each child needs a mother and to know that they belong to a particular family. The Fikelela Children’s Centre offers short term emergency foster care.

The centre has been running in Khayelitsha for 11 years, providing short term safe care for up to 40 children aged 0 to 8.  We provide a secure and nurturing home environment for children from all over the Western cape who have been abandoned and orphaned, neglected or abused. Children are nursed back to health and put on anti-retrovirals when necessary. We then place them with extended family members or supported foster families. We have a very high success rate of placing children.