Young People’s Kickstart to a Life of Opportunity Post Disaster







Young People’s Kickstart to a Life of Opportunity Post Disaster Projects

This project is a partnership with Gawad Kalinga (GK) a leading charity in the Philippines, which rose to prominence when it demonstrated the ability for local people to come together and rebuild houses destroyed in the Typhoon Haiyan of 2013. With an ethos that you shall build your neighbour’s house, GK’s approach to poverty alleviation is one which is fast becoming a world model. Their focus on fostering social entrepreneurship whilst creating an infectious community spirit across the islands is sustainable strategy that has one firm eye  on the future at all times.

Its ground breaking social entrepreneurship programme tackles poverty at its roots. With a belief that poverty is a mindset, GK intervention programme lifts young people,who would otherwise live a life of poverty and possibly crime, into a vocation for life. A social entrepreneurship programme enables young people to try their hand at building a social enterprise and agro business. The success of this leads to employment of marginalised people and sets the wheels in motion to lift a nation out above the poverty line. Only £100 funds one person’s enrolment in a year-long social entrepreneurship programme. GK aims to create 20,000 social entrepreneurs a year.

GK provides a home and space for the entrepreneur to try their hand at building a future at one of its Enchanted Farms. Described as a wonderland for social enterprises, it provides the incubator of change local people need to leave poverty behind them.

Your fundraising is allocated to training social entrepreneurs to develop a better life for themselves and employment for people around them. Donations to Gawad Kalinga are administered through The Inspired Escapes Foundation which is a SharedImpact charitable account managed by Inspired Foundations, with charity registration No. 1145471

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    "You go girl, amazing news, I'm in HK singing 3 charity shows for Angels for Orphans and for UN Peace Day that week but will be with you in spirit! Bonne chance, Cherie. xx"