Bohol Island, Philippines

Project Bohol Projects

Bohol Island has the kind of aesthetic that makes supermodels of human beings and paradises out of landscapes - the kind of inherent natural beauty routinely defined as perfection. But what you don’t see under the crystal clear waters is the disparity between the paradise you visit and the poverty of the people who call it home, a home that is still reeling from the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

We want you to experience all of Bohol, not just its flesh and bones (as pretty as they may be) but the spirit and resilience of its people as well. Because as any traveller can attest, ignorance is not bliss.  You get a much deeper level of self-satisfaction in affecting positive change in the lives of others. And that’s what this project is all about, alleviating poverty from the ground up so that it not only improves the current situation of this wonderful Bohol community, but that it inspires social entrepreneurship that future generations will learn and benefit from.

Our Islander's Farm Project at Maribojoc tackles poverty at its roots through agriculture and husbandry. With a belief that poverty is a mind-set, the project helps lift young people into a vocation for life. A social entrepreneurship programme enables young people to try their hand at building a social enterprise and agro business. The success of this leads to employment of marginalised people and sets the wheels in motion to lift a nation above the poverty line.

Your trip funds the training of social entrepreneurs who are working to develop a better life for themselves and employment for people around them. Donations to the project are welcome and you can set up a fundraising page on our website to facilitate donations either before you depart, or when you return from your trip. Donations are administered through The Inspired Escapes Foundation which is a SharedImpact charitable account managed by Inspired Foundations, with charity registration No. 1145471