Kids Club Kampala Projects

Founded in 2009, Kids Club Kampala was set up to overcome the lack of hope and self-esteem of children living in situations of extreme poverty, and works to empower children and women from disadvantaged communities to bring about sustainable changes through different development projects and supporting their basic needs. Kids Club Kampala currently has 17 project centres, and works with some of the most vulnerable and poor communities in the urban slums and surrounding areas of Kampala, Uganda. We are currently reaching over 4000 children and their families every week, with a fantastic team of over 70 local volunteers who give up their time and energy to care for the children in their communities.

Kids Club Kampala’s projects include child empowerment through fun and games, football, music, dance and supporting children’s basic needs. Alongside this, we feed and clothe the children and help them to get a good education, through both our School Sponsorship programme and running education classes for children who cannot afford fees. We teach children about keeping safe and we run sanitation and hygiene programmes. Kids Club Kampala also works with women from these communities to help them increase their incomes and get their families out of poverty. We are also supporting vulnerable girls and helping children who have been abandoned with a safe place to live, through Kids Club Kampala’s Ewafe project.

The children that Kids Club Kampala are working with come from extremely poor households and the conditions in the slums of Kampala are shocking. Many families often survive on just one meal per day and cannot afford to send their children to school. People live in very overcrowded conditions, sanitation is poor, and children often do not own shoes so it is impossible to keep clean and away from infection. Disease and illness is rife, children suffer often from malaria and medical treatment is not free in Uganda. Illiteracy and unemployment rates are very high, as is the prevalence of HIV. Many of the children of these slums have been orphaned, neglected or simply abandoned.

How can I help?

One project we are particularly looking for volunteers to help with is Kids Club Kampala’s Encouraging Education project. This project allows children who would otherwise have no access to education to have the opportunity to learn through taking part in informal education classes. These classes run from Monday to Friday every afternoon throughout the year and lessons focus on academic skills as well as behaviour, social-skills and health awareness. This programme not only helps children with their education and gives them vital life skills, but it also provides them with a safe place to go away from the dangers of the slum. Approximately 250 children currently attend this programme, and after class each child gets a hot, nutritional meal, which means they won’t go hungry either. Volunteers will assist with teaching, planning lessons, marking work, entertaining the children and helping to feed them.

Global Goals:

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