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Rebuild Homes Restore Hope in the Philippines Projects

The Philippines is affectionately known as ‘The Land of Smiles’ but the trail of destruction left by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 has made that reputation difficult to uphold. But a number of organisations are working tirelessly to reignite the cheerful spirit of those who have lost their homes in the disaster. One such organisation is MERCY Malaysia UK (MMUK)

Rebuild Homes Restore Hope is a project putting local people back into homes lost in disasters. The MMUK team recently visited the aid work unfolding and we vowed to help raise the £30,000 needed to build more houses in a small section of the Philippines. Lifting people out of poverty is no easy feat, but it’s one made all the more difficult when people are disillusioned, displaced, and despondent. Your contribution can change that, can revitalise the tenacious spirit of this small vibrant Filipino community known throughout the world for their hospitality and happiness. 

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    "Hi Ranji, What a worthwhile project. Well done. Would like to support you more sometime. Love Vanessa and John x"


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    Kim Jordan

    "well done and keep up the good work"