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Rebuild homes in Borneo Projects

The population of South East Asia is growing. Fast. It’s estimated there will be 2.6 billion people living here by 2030. But where will all they all go? There won’t be enough space for everyone in the main cities so the majority will need to find refuge in underdeveloped rural areas. We’re partnering up with Habitat for Humanity in Borneo to insure the people on the outskirts have access to the fundamental essentials we take for granted: a secure home with access to clean water and sanitation facilities.

In building a home for someone, you build hope, an escape route out of poverty, a step into improved health, better performance in school, greater economic opportunities, and increased community cohesion; you offer opportunity as well as stability. You can give something back to Borneo by making home ownership a reality for the people there.  See with your own eyes the impact your contribution makes by immersing yourself in the community, working alongside them, sharing tasks, meals and stories of each other’s worlds. Experience their way of life and get a back stage pass into life in Borneo.

You can support this project by visiting the community and lending your hands for a few days or by simply donating to the cause.

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