Costa Rica

Seeds of Hope Projects

Seeds of Hope is a woman-owned nonprofit organisation dedicated to caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of young boys and girls who have been, or are at risk of becoming, sexually exploited or involved in destructive lifestyles,  in Costa Rica.  Currently, Seeds of Hope has Clubhouse programs  in  high-risk neighborhoods throughout the country.

The Clubhouse focuses on prevention and rehabilitation of  boys and girls ages 9-17 through education and the guidance of mentors. The goal is to fully equip boys and girls to become successful and productive members of society.  Seeds of Hope’s work began in Costa Rica, but the vision of the organization is to duplicate these programs throughout Latin America and other at-risk regions.

Seeds of Hope is well established with six clubhouses directed by Costa Rican young adults in the Costa Rican cities of Dominicalita, Parrita, Jaco, Tarcoles, and Palomo. We have opened boys and girls clubhouses in neighborhoods where sexual exploitation has occurred. We hold 8-20 classes per week at each clubhouse in the subjects of English, Vocational Skills, Healthy Relationships, Spirituality, and Personal Growth. As the students pass each class with at least 80% “on time” attendance, they gain credits towards graduation from the program. Graduation allows them to advance to a teacher’s aid position. By the time they finish Seeds of Hope they are equipped to live a healthy, productive life, with a vocation that they are passionate about. The behavior modification program rewards them for good behavior such as class participation, being on time, showing responsibility, and good attendance. The jewelry program provides weekly groceries to moms whose families are at risk. The leaders program teaches students to rise above the others as role models.

Seeds is ready to grow to many more locations throughout Costa Rica. Our goal is to eradicate sexual exploitation of minors in Costa Rica by teaching young people to respect themselves, have boundaries against molestation of children, and to change the fact that this is a secret to be kept and accepted as “normal”.

Our only holdback for expansion is financial support. Currently we are solely supported by donations from individuals in the states. Any donations or fundraising efforts would be invaluable for us.

Through our positive rewards program we train these adolescents to live healthy, happy lives in a structured environment of unconditional love. Our goal is to help them to reconnect with God. We have found that this is the key to our success. When our girls and boys see themselves as God sees them, they begin to take on a new identity free of shame and fear. It is an amazing transformation. They truly are set free.